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Are you looking for dogs for sale or cats for sale? Are you searching for a new puppy or kitten to join your family? Or are you perhaps a dog or cat breeders that is looking for a forever home for a dog or cat? If so, then you are in the right place. Welcome to Breeders Near Me. The US and Canada's top site that connects people looking for cat and dog breeders.

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Even with the biggest dog and cat breeder directory sometimes you may have problems finding avialable puppies and kittens (the go fast!) that is why we also have a dog and cat breeder directory for dog and cat breeders to list their kennel and cattery details. This way you can contact them directly and ask themn to add you to their wait list for future litters. At Breeders Near Me, you will find a comprehensive list of dog and cat breeders from all different breeds in just one place.